What Clients Say

 “I started working with Elaine shortly after I had a big promotion at work. At the time I was lacking in confidence and unsure where to start with the sea of problems I saw before me. 

Working with Elaine has helped me to get underneath the issues I perceived on the surface to understand how my own beliefs and character traits are at risk of holding me back. 

As a result, I’ve changed some bad habits I should have ditched years ago, and acquired some good habits that are going to take me far in the future. 

Elaine’s supportive coaching style has also been rubbing off on me.  I’m now a more empowering manager and feel confident about giving my staff the freedom to work towards an agreed goal. 

In short, I am prioritising better at work and dealing with issues more effectively, I have a better work-life balance and my team feel trusted and more in control of their own work. 

Working with Elaine has made the difference between sinking and thriving and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody.”

“Having completed a phase of work with you as my professional development coach, it is a good time to reflect on the experience. Firstly I have thoroughly enjoyed the ease and rapport that we established right from the outset, a sense that I could share anything with you and it would be heard with kindness and respect, that alone is an invaluable gift and a conduit for powerful facilitation.

Listening however is just the beginning of what you have contributed to my growth arc this year. Your comments are always insightful and perceptive, grounded in an uncompromising honesty, a powerful presence yet always done without overpowering my inner voice – amazing!

At times it has felt like you have held up an undistorted mirror and had the ability to just hold it until I have seen and said what needed to be seen and said. This facilitated so many breakthroughs and ‘aha’ moments all of which released energy and motivation to move forward so I want to thank you for that too.

After all that, I think what clinches the amazing progress that you have helped me make is the fearlessness with which you have inspired me to then look forwards. You have been patient with my baby steps whilst cheerleading and egging on the big leaps! Throughout it all, your gentle wisdom and encouragement have nurtured my self-belief and seen me achieve things that I would only have dreamt of.”

“Not only have you helped me professionally, but personally too. Looking back over my notes from all our sessions makes me think that I have come a long way in quite a short space of time. I still feel nervous but the the notions and ideas that you have given me all just make so much sense and I do feel I can handle situations in a different manner now.

So how did I make this happen? How did I get to this stage? Because I realised that the change could only come from myself and opportunities like the one I was being offered to work with you was something that I would regret if I did not take it.

This is what I would like to say about your coaching:

Working with Elaine is something that can only change you for the better. And I say “with” as it’s the operative word. As you progress on your coaching, you know that you are not alone. You truly feel that you are with someone that can relate to your own insecurities or fears, who can and will make you realise that you are completely normal and that it is ok to feel the way that you do.

The strategies that Elaine uses to help you think and act on your situation are brilliant and I can honestly say that working with Elaine has had a massive impact on me both personally and professionally. Thank you just doesn’t quite cover it!”

“The coaching world is very fortunate to have someone like Elaine Mosimann. She is a great listener and really cares about the people she coaches. I have never met someone so genuine, knowledgeable and enthusiastic as she is. We were lucky to have Elaine come to our school as part of our career coaching curriculum. I still remember – after many months – the things that she told me, and I will always probably look at things differently from now on because of how she taught me to view the world. Thanks, Elaine!”

“Elaine combines insight, energy, a wide-ranging tool kit, professionalism and warmth to catalyse change, solutions and increased self–awareness. She encourages both exploration and action, intuition and precision – a rare and potent combination that comes from a wonderfully joyous and caring personality.”