Live your true potential.
Become who you truly deserve to be.

At Living Potential International we help our clients discover their true purpose, release themselves from limiting behaviours and mindsets, and live their best lives – fulfilling, enjoyable, successful and happy, where high performance meets balance and integrity, resulting in exceptional outcomes for our clients and the people important to them.

We work across the spectrum from teenagers and young adults, graduates and new hires, junior and middle management right up to senior leadership. We support our clients as individuals, small groups, teams and organisations through our industry-leading coaching, training, facilitating, consultancy and advisory services.

Our Areas of Expertise (Elaine Updated)

We believe you’re at your best when:

  1.  You align your strengths with your passions, values, and experience
  2.  To formulate visions and goals you wholeheartedly own
  3.  Materialised through ambitious yet realistic action steps
  4. Through sustained, high-quality practice, supported by us through your personal development journey, you forge these into powerful new habits that become part of the new and better you.

As your dedicated leadership development experts, we at LPI will be your wise, caring guides who will cheer and challenge you, holding you accountable to yourself, so that you deliver on these actions, goals, and visions for yourselves.

Our style is direct, truthful, compassionate. We hold a space so warm and supportive that our clients sense how this is finally a space they can trust to hold their full weight. They tell us they have never been truly heard like this, recognised and celebrated for who they are and who they need to be. This unlocks potential and allows access to personal power like never before. 

This “coach approach” underpins the foundation of everything we do, whether individual or organisational, corporate or personal – because it works. We are all people. We all have ideas, feelings, goals, fears, disappointments, hopes and dreams. And we need connection with others, to feel like our life truly matters.

So whether your focus is on improving yourself at work or in your personal life, the fact is, when foundations are built on real trust, one can truly transcend one’s fears and reach unprecedented heights of success and fulfilment.

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