Our Intercultural Expertise

Cultures are “software of the mind”, and operate as filters for our attitudes and behaviours. The extent of their influence is often underestimated.

Both Elaine and Mamta draw from decades of life and work experience as accomplished interculturalists with a particularly valuable “East/West” expertise, grounded in their respective upbringings in the cosmopolitan yet conservative environment of Singapore and in the traditional yet progressive South Asian environment of London,  complemented by their decades of studying, and working in Asia, Europe, UK and the Middle East.

This gives them the depth and breadth of cultural nous they employ to unravel and address their clients’ leadership challenges, that carry not only elements of geographical culture but also corporate, gender, and educational culture.

This unique background of growing up in an “Eastern” household, educated and trained in the West and working across both, allows them to appreciate from the inside all aspects of the “lost in translation” situations that crop up so frequently in high-pressure multinational environments.

Working with sensitivity and diplomacy yet with a ruthless focus on their clients’ personal authenticity, they play a crucial “inbetween” communication role in their coaching and facilitation work to help their clients raise their own awareness of their own limiting beliefs.

Through this refining process, which includes one-on-one coaching, pair or team coaching, training, facilitation, workshop design, and consultancy, their clients hone their intercultural fluency and achieve new levels of competence and confidence in these complex and demanding business environments.

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“I have worked with Elaine since 2011 when I was tasked with setting up the Singapore office. A key aspect of a successful set up was to organize cultural coaching and training so that employees new into Singapore were prepared for the realities of their new home.

Elaine’s naturally creative and flexible approach meant that a variety of approaches were utilized to ensure that the discussion was rich, meaningful and covered individual concerns and circumstances. Elaine’s warm and embracing style allowed for employees and their families to open up – even some of our more sceptical assignees saw the value.

Investing in employees and their families who are embarking upon a life changing experience through a high quality and high touch cultural intervention is money well spent as it gives them the time and space to consider the opportunity without the rose-tinted spectacles.” – Salima S, HR Business Leader

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“Mamta was my manager and executive coach for the Tesco International Graduate Programme. I had been through a transition – coming from one of the best Business Schools in India to the UK. Mamta carefully guided me through what was on reflection a culture shock.

She inspired me to learn through all the opportunities that presented themselves and draw from each experience in order to grow and win. Mamta was open, honest, professional and extremely supportive. She went beyond the expectations that were set for her to ensure that me and my peers were in the driving seat of our own development. As a result, I have been continually promoted and recognized for my contribution to my job and leadership skills that I display.

Despite being an expert in her field of Psychology she was able to acutely appreciate the technical challenges and requirements of my role. Mamta’s dedication was admirable as she was managing a total of 18 International Graduates.Mamta’s direction and leadership has always helped me. She certainly practices what she preaches and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mamta to you.” – Kiran N, Project and Operations Manager

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“Mamta has created an incredible Learning & Development programme for all LRS employees, and I am extremely grateful to have benefited from this throughout my Industrial Placement.

 As part of the Industrial Placement Learning & Development agenda, I have attended a number of courses, expertly selected by Mamta. These were all engaging, professional and catered to the needs of the participating individuals. There is a huge range of courses available, from those focussed on leadership and emotional intelligence, to others centred on improving Microsoft or presentation skills. Because of this variety, there is opportunity for every employee at LRS to benefit and grow.

The recent introduction of Spanish/French classes to LRS has not only improved communications with European colleagues, but has also enabled the bonding of individuals. Similarly, Yoga classes at LRS are improving energy levels, whilst cementing the importance of physical well-being in the workplace. 

Mamta has been an inspiration to me throughout my year at LRS. She is approachable and enthusiastic, and her positivity is contagious. Mamta encourages others to reach their full potential; she has emphasised the importance of understanding individual strengths and utilising these as a team to perform in the most efficient way. It has been a pleasure to get to know Mamta and I am thankful for her support over the past twelve months.” – Alana B, R&D Graduate

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“Mamta was my job interviewer and also my previous manager of Tesco China graduate program. I have known her since May 2009. When I was in Tesco UK, Mamta organized monthly development workshop for us. I was inspired and achieved many personal development skills from her coaching, such as effective communication, building up confidence and rapport. She also shared many inspirational articles and videos with us to evoke our self-awareness.

After Mamta left Tesco, she still encourages me and helps me as a friend. I am impressed by her super confidence, strong communication skills, personal influence and her charisma. She is a very smart and professional trainer.” – Jenny Z, Product Manager