Our Intercultural Expertise

Cultures are “software of the mind”, and operate as filters for our attitudes and behaviours. The extent of their influence is often underestimated.

Elaine draws from decades of life and work experience as an accomplished interculturalist with a particularly valuable “East/West” expertise, grounded in her upbringing in the cosmopolitan yet conservative environment of Singapore, complemented by her decades of study, work and travel across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the UK, and the United States.

This gives her the depth and breadth of cultural nous she employs to unravel and address her clients’ leadership challenges, that carry not only elements of geographical culture but also corporate, gender, and educational culture.

This unique background of growing up in an “Eastern” household, educated and trained in the West and working across both, allows her to appreciate from the inside all aspects of the “lost in translation” situations that crop up so frequently in high-pressure multinational environments.

Working with sensitivity and diplomacy yet with a ruthless focus on her clients’ personal authenticity, she plays a crucial “inbetween” communication role in her coaching and facilitation work to help her clients raise their own awareness of their own limiting beliefs.

Through this refining process, which includes one-on-one coaching, pair or team coaching, training, facilitation, workshop design, and consultancy, her clients hone their intercultural fluency and achieve new levels of competence and confidence in these complex and demanding business environments.

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“I have worked with Elaine since 2011 when I was tasked with setting up the Singapore office. A key aspect of a successful set up was to organize cultural coaching and training so that employees new into Singapore were prepared for the realities of their new home.

Elaine’s naturally creative and flexible approach meant that a variety of approaches were utilized to ensure that the discussion was rich, meaningful and covered individual concerns and circumstances. Elaine’s warm and embracing style allowed for employees and their families to open up – even some of our more sceptical assignees saw the value.

Investing in employees and their families who are embarking upon a life changing experience through a high quality and high touch cultural intervention is money well spent as it gives them the time and space to consider the opportunity without the rose-tinted spectacles.” – Salima S, HR Business Leader

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