Building a Strengths-based Culture


We overlay our cultural work with a Strengths-based philosophy. We recognise that the ultimate advantage of leveraging the incredible resource that is the diversity of any company’s employees is to create a culture where everyone is truly performing to their strengths.

This is only possible when your employees are able to truly respect and appreciate their colleagues’ unique make-up, potential and motivations alongside their own. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that your employees are equipped with the tools needed to communicate persuasively and authentically with the wide spread of your company’s expanding market of international clients, as well as within the organisation.

This Strengths-based intercultural fluency approach will ensure a true celebration of each individual, what they bring, focusing their energy and creating a robust, healthy, achievement-oriented culture on how teams and leadership get the best out of each other.

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“Mamta is a thorough professional in her approach towards her assignments and have in-depth expertise in her subject of delivery. Her approach break loose all barriers which possibly could exist between the people she work and her, which is so very necessary to have free flowing two way communication to bridge the gap of understanding amongst participants / colleagues. 

She has the innate ability to figure out strengths of people around her and help them to leverage those for further development. She is well structured in her approach, at the same time most amicable person I have ever met. 

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to more interactions in future.” – Sanjay S, Chief Compliance Officer