Coaching for Leaders

We support a wide spectrum of individuals and teams facing critical developmental junctures.

Much is riding on key decisions to be made, courageous conversations to be had, and powerful actions to be taken.

Yet there is uncertainty, resistance, or other barriers to overcome.

Sometimes these barriers manifest externally, in the form of challenging work environments, difficult people relationships, or sobering targets to hit.

Equally, they may be present internally, in the form of insufficient personal awareness, lack of clarity, conviction or grit, or anxiety and denial around change.

Our coaching process always starts with a clear and realistic outlining together with our clients and sponsors on the scope of the engagement – where they are right now, where they want to be, within what framework of time, with what resources and support, and how they can tell when they have reached their goals.

Once the coaching engagement begins, our clients find themselves seamlessly supported by our warm, calming, precise, compassionate and encouraging attention.

The ability to drop all defences in this expertly-held space, allowing difficult and complex issues to be unpacked and simplified, acceptance and flexibility to be practiced, and inspiration and determination to be harnessed, towards actions to be taken in increasing confidence and joy, is how we bring about these profound transformations in our clients’ lives.

We make sure our clients remain in full ownership of the coaching relationship throughout, securing their continuing commitment to themselves and thus unlocking the fullest potential of their creativity, inspiration, and energy towards realising their own goals and dreams.

This means the empowerment our clients achieve through our coaching is a true and enduring one, as they learn fundamental things about themselves that set them up for self-sustaining improvement long after the coaching engagement has concluded.


“Elaine’s genuinely warm and sincere nature meant that I was comfortable to share my experiences with trust, both personally and professionally. The support provided was invaluable and was pivotal in my survival of the expatriation process. Working with Elaine through one the most difficult periods of my life has meant that not only have I survived but I have grown. The skills and understanding I have developed thanks to Elaine’s flexibility in sharing her knowledge and insight have meant that I now have the ability and robustness which will allow me to succeed in difficult situations to come. I was sceptical before speaking to Elaine, now it is something that I will refer to and build on for the rest of my life.” -Richard Poole, Quality Specialist, Lucozade Ribena Suntory