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As Founder and Managing Partner of the highly-acclaimed consultancy Living Potential International, Elaine Teo is passionate about bringing critical life skills for personal success to students and the workforce worldwide.

Elaine delivers leadership development and intercultural coaching, training and thought leadership to some of the most prestigious organisations in the world, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Lloyd’s of London, Sport England, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Tesco, Philip Morris and Anglo American.

She appears regularly on the BBC and international events as a keynote speaker, moderator, psychologist, intercultural expert, and life skills coach. She is highly sought-after for her original and cutting-edge ideas on diversity and culture, women leadership, the work-school skills gap, and mind training for top performance at work and life.

Elaine was awarded her meditation teaching diploma with distinction by the British School of Meditation as one of the top students of the internationally-accredited course. She studied Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford University on a full academic scholarship, where she was also Piano Scholar and the co-founder of the Oxford University Chinese Cultural Society.

She speaks five languages including Mandarin, German, Italian and French in addition to English. As a Singaporean Chinese who has lived, worked and travelled in over 30 countries, she is particularly valued for her keen insights on the gap between East and West. Elaine is CultureConnector’s resident cultural expert for Singapore and is a graduate of the Corporate Coach Programme of Coach U.

Prior to founding LPI in Switzerland 13 years ago while having the first of her three children, Elaine worked in prime strategic marketing communications and product development roles in American Express APAC and Singapore Airlines.

Elaine is passionate about her one-on-one coaching clients and her work with companies, helping everyone to play better to their strengths at work and life. After 28 years of experimenting with her own life, she has seen firsthand the profound power that is unlocked when people finally align with who they were always best meant to be.

Working with individuals and groups is equally important as both complement each other. She encourages her clients to live their most authentic selves at all times as this is the most potent way to set them up for lifelong habits of success and meaning. She walks the talk herself and parents her children the same way to exceptional results.

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Mamta Saha is Partner and Occupational Psychologist at Living Potential International, providing facilitation, coaching skills and dynamic training design in all behavioural areas for all levels of business from board to frontline.

She has earned her stellar track record as inhouse L&D lead and independent consultant over 15 years of immersion in multiple global matrix commercially-focused businesses and bespoke consultancies, where she gained her wealth of experience leading cutting-edge learning and development strategy and company-wide implementation.

Her illustrious list of clients includes Tesco, Accenture, KPMG, L’Oreal, Aviva, Sport England, Blackstone, Coca-Cola, Lloyd’s of London, State Street Bank, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, China Investment Corporation, Logicor, Mudano, VHS Global, INSEEC University and Brunel University.

Mamta offers a passionate, committed, professional style. The projects she delivers are customised for company culture, industry sector and local, national and international geographies. The ultimate goal for each business has been to raise awareness, attract, retain and develop the best talent and leverage the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion for the benefit of business. Her Diversity and Inclusion projects have centred on creating a fair and inclusive workplace, including gender, ethnicity and race, nationality, cross culture, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, transgender, religion and belief, and micro inequities.

One example of her diversity consultancy work is supporting L’Oreal HQ in Paris to co-design its core company diversity programme and overseeing its rollout across L’Oreal’s Middle East presence. This included train-the-trainer programmes and bespoke interventions from C-suite to frontline employees. This resulted in measurably increased staff morale in terms of perceived fairness of workplace, working relationships strengthened, teams becoming even more multicultural and cohesive, able to work together more effectively, and truly leverage from a place of diversity.

Mamta is a highly sought-after media psychologist and is regularly invited onto BBC and Sky News as a subject matter expert for her views on diversity and inclusion, gender roles and professional development for the Asian community, and politics. She is British Indian and has three children.

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