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As the founder of Living Potential International, Elaine is passionate about bringing critical life skills for personal success to students and the workforce worldwide. She delivers bespoke client-tailored intercultural and leadership development interventions, incorporating individual coaching, group training, facilitation and consultancy, for some of the world’s most prestigious organisations, including JPMorgan, Lloyd’s of London, Sport England, Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Philip Morris, Anglo American, Oxford University, Cambridge University, INSEEC, École Hôtelière Lausanne, Tesco, Philip Morris, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Logicor, and Mudano. She advises at career forums at Harrow School, St Hilda’s College and the Career Centre at Oxford University.

Elaine is CultureConnector’s resident cultural expert for Singapore and is a graduate of the Corporate Coach Programme of Coach U. She uses the CliftonStrengths and Core Qualities assessments to help clients understand their strengths and challenges, see themselves from others’ eyes, utilize constructive feedback, build great teams and improve interpersonal dynamics. She earned her Honours Bachelor degree in Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford University on a full scholarship. There she co-founded the Oxford University Chinese Cultural Society and was elected Vice-President heading communications and events. Prior to that Elaine attended the United World College of the Adriatic, Italy as one of only five scholarship recipients selected from Singapore, where she graduated second in her cohort.

Elaine and Mamta were invited to co-create and run a groundbreaking Masters business module on International Marketing for Developing Markets for the French business university INSEEC. This pioneering module received widespread acclaim across the cohorts for its business relevance and highly effective interactive style.

Elaine’s corporate experience spans regional marketing communications and product development roles for premium travel in Singapore Airlines and American Express. She contributes as a speaker and panelist on women leadership, diversity and careers guidance events at the École Hoteliere Lausanne, Oxford University and Harrow School. As a Singaporean Chinese expatriate currently based between London, United States and Singapore, Elaine’s firsthand cultural experience spans 23 years living and working in South East Asia and Europe. She has three children.

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Mamta Saha has earned her stellar track record as inhouse L&D lead and independent consultant over 15 years of immersion in multiple global matrix commercially-focused businesses and bespoke consultancies, where she gained her wealth of experience leading cutting-edge learning and development strategy and company-wide implementation.

Mamta offers a passionate, committed, professional style and confidently provides excellent facilitation, coaching skills and dynamic training design in all behavioural areas for all levels of business from board to frontline.  Her illustrious list of clients include Tesco, Accenture, KPMG, L’Oreal, Aviva, Sports England, Blackstone, Coca-Cola, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, China Investment Corporation, Logicor, Lloyd’s of London, State Street Bank, VHS Global, INSEEC  University and Brunel University.

The projects she delivers are customised for company culture, industry sector and local, national and international geographies.  The ultimate goal for each business has been to raise awareness, attract, retain and develop the best talent and leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion for the benefit of business. Her Diversity and Inclusion projects for the above have centred on creating a fair and inclusive workplace, including gender, ethnicity and race, nationality, cross culture, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, transgender, religion and belief, and micro inequities.

One example of her diversity consultancy work is supporting L’Oreal HQ in Paris to co-design its core company diversity programme and overseeing its rollout across L’Oreal’s Middle East presence. This included train-the-trainer programmes and bespoke interventions from C-suite to frontline employees. This resulted in measurably increased staff morale in terms of perceived fairness of workplace, working relationships strengthened, teams becoming even more multicultural and cohesive, able to work together more effectively, and truly leverage from a place of diversity.

Mamta is a media psychologist and is regularly invited onto BBC and Sky News as an subject matter expert for her views on diversity and inclusion, gender roles and professional development for the Asian community, and politics. She is British Indian, based in London and has three children.

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