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As Founder and Managing Partner of the highly-acclaimed consultancy Living Potential International, Elaine Teo is passionate about bringing critical life skills for personal success to students and the workforce worldwide.

Elaine designs and delivers leadership development and intercultural coaching, training, facilitation, and thought leadership to some of the most prestigious and influential organisations in the world, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Lloyd’s of London, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Sport England, The Guardian, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Tesco, CenturyLink, Philip Morris, and Anglo American.

She appears regularly on the BBC and international events as a keynote speaker, moderator, psychologist, intercultural expert, and life skills coach. She is highly sought-after for her original and cutting-edge ideas on diversity and culture, women leadership, the work-school skills gap, and mind training for top performance at work and life.

Elaine was awarded her meditation teaching diploma with distinction by the British School of Meditation as one of the top students of the internationally-accredited course. She studied Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford University on a full academic scholarship, where she was also Piano Scholar and the co-founder of the Oxford University Chinese Cultural Society.

She speaks five languages including Mandarin, German, Italian and French in addition to English. As a Singaporean Chinese who has lived, worked and traveled in over 30 countries, she is particularly valued for her keen insights on the gap between East and West. Elaine is CultureConnector’s resident cultural expert for Singapore and is a graduate of the Corporate Coach Programme of Coach U.

Prior to founding LPI in Switzerland 15 years ago while having the first of her three children, Elaine worked in prime strategic marketing communications and product development roles in American Express APAC and Singapore Airlines.

Elaine is passionate about her one-on-one coaching clients and her work with companies, helping everyone to play better to their strengths at work and life. After 29 years of experimenting with her own life, she has seen firsthand the profound power that is unlocked when people finally align with who they were always best meant to be.

Working with individuals and groups is equally important as both complement each other. She encourages her clients to live their most authentic selves at all times as this is the most potent way to set them up for lifelong habits of success and meaning. She walks the talk herself and parents her children the same way to exceptional results.

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Through 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience Paul Genovese has honed a sharp sense for developing individuals, teams, and cultures to perform at their dynamic best to meet the challenges of the modern global workplace.

Paul’s primary talent for synthesizing disparate information into a system of knowledge helps teams make objective, data-driven business decisions. His innovative insights and perspective are sought after to unearth novel solutions for challenging business problems by clients worldwide including Anschutz Exploration, Aspect Energy, ChevronTexaco, Wingate Capital, Kinder Morgan Inc, Marathon, Nexen, Noble Energy, Shamaran Petroleum, Unocal, Canargo Georgia, and Block Energy PLC.

Paul began his professional career serving in various geoscience technology roles at Texaco Exploration and Production. Prior to joining LPI, Paul established his international oil & gas exploration consultancy in 2001, where his work was instrumental in discovering notable world-class oil and gas fields. A serial entrepreneur, Paul has since partnered in founding a number of petroleum and technology start-ups.

Over two decades of navigating a traditional male-dominated industry has honed Paul as a spearhead for change toward more diverse, inclusive, and fulfilling work environments that nurture open collaboration paired with individual creativity for maximum business impact.

Throughout his career, Paul has recognized the critical value of high-functioning teams, and has championed efforts to assemble the most inclusive and cognitively diverse teams, most visibly through his memberships in Texaco’s groundbreaking Diversity Council and the Mentoring for Excellence in Technology program.

Paul believes that individuals within even large organizations have the power to nucleate significant positive change through creativity and innovation, and to lead from within. As examples of his intrapreneurial leadership within Texaco, he cross-pollinated his oil/gas exploration and production skills with a colleague in corporate IT to develop pioneering data science applications, and he collaborated with colleagues from business units around the globe to design and facilitate Texaco’s first ever Worldwide Virtual Technology Conference.

Paul holds degrees in geology and geophysics from SUNY Brockport, Western Michigan University, and Princeton University. Among his academic awards and achievements are the Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Award, a National Science Foundation grantee, and he was Princeton’s John C. Meeker Amoco Fellow.

Paul holds a lifelong passion for learning and teaching. He excels in mentoring and coaching university students to prepare them for industry careers and brings his real-world business experience into the classroom via practical lectures and laboratories.




Barbara Puddinu is a versatile and accomplished professional who moves seamlessly within the consulting, coaching, mentoring, training and facilitating arenas whilst adding a sprinkle of NLP to add a ‘touch of magic’ to her work. Her areas of expertise are business growth, improvement and change, leadership development, life, career and team coaching, with an emerging focus on charity and maternity coaching.

She brings a powerful combination of management consulting and corporate experience to her client work having worked in the last decade for a Big 4 consultancy firm. She served as leader in charge of framing, directing and implementing strategic and complex transformational programs. Her diverse industry experience in financial services, public sector, travel and leisure across business functions – including strategy, operations, customer experience, change management and operational excellence – allow her to have an in-depth understanding of the main challenges that leaders and teams face in the business world.

Barbara has a passion for designing and delivering coaching, training, workshops and facilitation events and supporting teams in developing and working together successfully. She focuses on creating a safe space for individuals and teams to engage in courageous conversations to improve their performance. She uses an interactive approach and helps clients to look at things from different perspectives and find solutions that are practical, realistic and work.

She is particularly sought after for her facilitation skills and her ability to synthesize and paraphrase, distil needs and requirements, identify and simplify complex issues and problems. She is often engaged by executives to design and run workshops, global meetings and corporate conferences and to translate the outputs of these events into initiatives for their organizations.

Curiosity is one of Barbara’s defining values, and she has a strong passion for travelling, living and working across different countries and continents. This coupled with her work in Mergers and Acquisitions has helped her to develop a strong sensitivity and in-depth appreciation of the potential issues and diverse realities that cultural differences can bring at corporate, team and personal level. She wields formidable expertise in working with corporate/team culture, vision, mission and values.

As seasoned project manager and a coach who was awarded distinction in her personal performance coaching diploma, Barbara deploys tools to support clients throughout their transformation and helps them to create capabilities and knowledge that empowers them. She strongly believes in building a legacy that they can take onward by themselves.

Courage is another of her core values. Barbara is fearless at challenging the status quo that must be changed to benefit a greater good. Having experienced herself the power of transformation and courage, she inspires her clients to be bold and ‘disrupt themselves’, supporting them along the way when things might get uncomfortable. She dedicates her energies and passion to support and motivate her clients to go after whatever they want/need and inspires them to achieve ‘the impossible’ – even when this means taking routes or paths not travelled before.

She speaks 4 languages including Italian, English, French and Spanish, thrives on new challenges and enjoys learning new skills. Outside work, she loves spending time with her family and strongly believes that anyone can be successful in both their professional and personal life by integrating the skills they both require and without sacrifice any of the two.